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Training needs analysis is an assessment of current skills levels and knowledge and can be used to identify skills development needs and how these might be prioritised.
Skillfluence initiate and design highly complex training studies and needs analysis to ensure training is targeted at priority areas. We use a range and combination of approaches to gather data such as online surveys, face to face interviews, focus groups and assessment tools. Once the results have been mapped, recommendations are made, training needs recognised and a plan is then proposed for implementation.
We provide a bespoke training needs analysis designed to meet your needs. This could include training needs assessment for individual researchers resulting in a bespoke personal development plan or it could be a large scale consultative training needs analysis for an institute or large programme grant. We have experience in the development of training strategies in both universities and industry.
We provide ongoing evaluation throughout implementation as well as end-point evaluation and full reporting.
Further reading below on some examples of BBSRC and EPSRC requirements for funded researchers

BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnerships applicants are asked to explain how training needs will be assessed and then addressed:
The EPSRC outline expectation of how funds for career development and skills training of researchers will be utilised