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Creative Thinking

Problem Solving Techniques

In this programme you will learn a range of effective models that will provide a robust process to manage challenges and...
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Creativity & Innovation

The ability to think laterally and to view problems and possibilities with a broad perspective is a valuable talent. The...
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Idea Generation

Designed to change the way you think this is a highly participative workshop where you’ll be challenged to try out...
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Skillfluence can work with you to deliver this EPSRC designed initiative to explore and nurture creative thinking that might lead...
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Career Development

Commercial Awareness

Whatever your scientific sector this course will give science professionals a working knowledge of the critical business issues that impacts...
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Interviews, CV’s & Assessment Centres

Skillfluence prepare undergraduates, masters  and PhD students and early career researchers to make informed decisions about their futures by providing...
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Career Planning

Research by Vitae, the leading career organisation for doctoral researchers, states, “Even in the later years of their doctoral programmes,...
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Strengths & Transferable Skills

This workshop will explore the principles and values that underpin a strengths-based approach to working. Each participant will complete a...
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Strategic Leadership

Strategic Agility

The pace of change in university and industry environments has never been faster. To stay ahead it’s important to learn...
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Leadership Skills

Skillfluence provides tailored leadership programmes for all stages of leadership Skillfluence Leadership Programme focuses on strategies for the effective leadership...
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Developing Your Team

Skillfluence works with teams to help them understand the characteristics, processes and dynamics that can contribute to their success. Every...
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Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders

Skillfluence training helps scientists to develop techniques based on the use of one-to-one discussions to enhance individual’s skills, knowledge or...
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Communication Skills

Collaboration & Interdisciplinary Working

Working with others doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war. Our workshops help participants to understand the nature of collaborative working...
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Negotiating & Influencing

Learn how to engage in productive interpersonal exchanges. In this workshop you will find out about the psychology of persuasion...
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Presentation Skills

Presenting information rich material in an engaging manner is a necessary and hugely useful skill in order to communicate effectively...
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Active Networking

“Skill is fine, and genius is splendid, but the right contacts are more valuable than either.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,...
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Personal Effectiveness

Myers Briggs Type Indicators

MBTI® is one of the most widely used tools in organizations because it is a self-reporting and non-judging instrument with...
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Goal Setting & Decision Making

In this thought provoking session participants will be challenged to start planning ahead with the aim of galvanising action. Goal...
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Workload Prioritisation

Everyone seems to have their own method for managing and prioritising work. But as Marshall Goldsmith says: “What Got You...
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Time Management & Productivity

There are huge benefits to be gained from taking the time to review, refine and refocus your current approach to...
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