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Skills Development Programmes

Training for Researchers, Academics and Professional Staff in universities
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Skillfluence has developed a full range of online programmes designed specifically for PhD students, ECRs, Academics and Professional Staff within universities. 

We use digital tools, trainer know-how and a deep understanding of researchers to provide sessions that are highly applicable, interactive and engaging, whether in-person or online. 

Skillfluence has eLearning platform and we use webinars, virtual classrooms and breakout groups for live interactive masterclasses. Alongside this we have a whole suite of collaborative and engaging programmes, tools and apps including Mentimeter, Kahoot! Slack, Padlet and Canvanizer.

And as always, we can adapt our programmes to meet the needs and interests of specific groups, individuals and cohorts. We’re training designers so if you’re looking for something innovative for your group then please talk to us – we like sharing ideas and developing novel programmes.

In Depth Programmes

These programmes typically run over 6-10 weeks, each week the participants will:

  • Access the online training platform for their “Pre-study Activity”.
  • Take part in a live workshop.
  • Take away their “Application Activity” to consolidate the learning.

There will be the “Add-on” option of having a guest speaker programme running alongside, 1-2-1 Coaching or Mentoring and/or a “Challenge” event at the end of the programme.

Programmes include:

Online Shorts

These programmes include 2-3 live sessions which can take place in a day or over a week to give time to try out learning and apply the new tools and techniques to personal work and situations.  Click here to find out more.

Programmes include our core programme modules and competencies and can be tailored:

  • Enterprise for Researchers
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • The Resilient Researcher
  • The Innovative Researcher
  • Make the World Care
  • Advancing through Collaboration: Teamwork Online
  • Future Leaders
  • Leadership & People Management
  • Project Management
  • Presentation Skills for an Online World
  • Online Storytelling for Researchers
  • Taking Public Engagement Online
  • A Guide to Virtual Networking
  • What Next? Career Planning for Researchers
  • From Bench to Market
  • Online Business Bootcamp
  • Progressing your Research in Challenging Times
  • Get the Most out of Working from Home

Skillfluence Sprints and Super Sprints

If you want to try something new or give an initial introductory taster session to your participants we can also tailor our sessions from 60-90 minutes.