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Working with Others

Course Description

A full day course aimed at researchers who want to develop their interpersonal and communication skills in addition to their technical abilities.  Participants learn how to build strong working relationships and gain new techniques to ensure mutual clarity and understanding to achieve results.

Participants will learn to recognise the cause of interpersonal conflict and gain skills in managing disputes and disagreements in a positive manner or even avoid them altogether.  Learners will enhance and expand their influencing and conversation skills to create buy-in for ideas, make well-informed decisions and obtain committed action from others.

Course Content:

  • Influencing strategies
  • Building rapport and engaging others in conversation
  • Effective listening skills to promote better working relationships
  • Understanding when to talk, when to listen and when to ask questions
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Team working
  • Handling difficult situations and disagreements

Course Delivery:

A highly interactive course where each exercise is designed to help participants build communication strategies for the workplace, try out techniques to increase their influence and gain confidence to get their point across in diverse circumstances.  Using our expertly designed and led activities, individuals can explore team dynamics, communication, decision-making, cooperation, motivation, conflict resolution, diversity and feedback.

Course Info