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Good Relationships, Great Results

Learn to use effective communication skills to develop highly productive working relationships.

Course Description

Participants learn how to build strong relationships by applying effective and purposeful communication skills. They learn how to ensure mutual clarity with their colleagues, leading to fewer disputes and misunderstandings.  Participants will also learn to understand the causes of interpersonal conflict and learn specific skills and techniques for managing these disputes in a positive manner, or avoid them altogether.

The course is a highly interactive, giving participants the opportunity to learn key strategies and techniques and practice applying these new skills.  Participants leave the programme with a tool-set that will help them function more confidently and effectively in any workplace.

Core Modules:

  • Influencing Strategies – How to create buy-in for ideas and obtain commitment from others.
  • Building Rapport – How to connnect with people and build quality relationships.
  • Active Listening – Learn how to be a good listener and instantly improve your working relationships.
  • Feedback is Key – The art of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Conflict Resolution – Learn specific techniques for handling conflicts and disagreements.

Course Length: 1/2 Day or Full Day

Group Size:  3-40

Target Audience(s): Early Career Researchers

* This course is also available as part of extended researcher development programmes.

Course Info