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The 4-Day MBA


Course Description


Skillfluence has been working in partnership with SynbiCITE since 2015 to help run the “4-Day MBA” programme.  The aim of the programme is to inspire the commercialisation of synthetic biology research. The programme has been considered extremely successfully, having been delivered more than 8 times across the UK – London, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester – with over 150 participants, and leading to at least 5 university spinouts.

The multi-day programme brings together a variety of subject matter experts with the goal of providing participants with the necessary tools and confidence to commercialise university IP.  Skillfluence are responsible for 2 key modules.  The first module is all about business communications, which includes negotiation skills, customer discovery and startup communications.  The second module is titled, “Your Network is Your Net Worth,” and is a fun and interactive session that equips participants with useful tools and tips for effective networking.

For this programme, we draw heavily on our knowledge and expertise in the industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology sector. We regularly attend the synbio industry conference synbiobeta (https://synbiobeta.com/), have participated in the UKTI synthetic biology trade mission to San Francisco and have carried out an in-depth industry survey into the skills requirements in synthetic biology.  This first hand experience in the field allows us to tailor the programme to make it highly relevant to this specialist audience.

Follow this link to learn more about the most recent 4-Day MBA event run in Bristol.

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