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Problem Solving Techniques

Course Description

In this programme you will learn a range of effective models that will provide a robust process to manage challenges and problem solve at a level appropriate for a professional scientist. Participants will confront actual problems that scientists can come across and using the expertise of the instructors, collaborative exercises in groups and application of a variety of tools you will gain a framework for problem solving. Often, real world problems are complex and open-ended with no obvious solution. We’ll look at how to analyse and reach informed judgements on next steps.

You will spend time learning the skills to problem solve as an individual so you can incorporate these methods into your everyday workplace challenges. And we’ll also look at how to use a team based, collaborative approach, making use of a wide range of expertise, knowledge and experience.

You can bring real challenges that you face in your current work, giving other researchers an opportunity to offer help or advice on specific research problems. You will learn how to examine the problem from a variety of perspectives, develop a range of viable options for different circumstances and learn from your mistakes and your successes to build an approach that works for you.

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