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Presentation Skills for Researchers & Scientists

How to create and deliver a high impact scientific presentation for any audience.

Course Description

Presenting information rich material in an engaging way is a valuable skill for researchers and scientists. In this course we provide both novice and skilled presenters with tools and techniques that will help them improve their presentation skills no matter where they are on the continuum.  This programme is specifically designed for academics, scientists in industry, scientific teams and students in professional or graduate science programmes.  Participants who complete this class will have a set of tools that will help them immediately improve their presentations and a framework for continuous improvement.

Core Modules: 


Storytelling – All great presentations tell a story. In this module you will learn the key elements of storytelling and how to design and build the power of storytelling into all of your presentations to create and deliver highly engaging presentations.

Structure – There are multiple ways to organise and structure a  presentation depending on your objective.  In this model we will review several different structures and explore how to put them to use.

Data Visualisation –  Data visualisation is about displaying data in a way that makes it easier to comprehend.  In this module, participants learn tips that will help them immediately improve the quality and effectiveness of data visualisation for presentations.

Slide Design – Good slide design is critical to making the right impression with your presentation and effectively telling your story.  Here we teach participants the basics of designing attractive, effective presentation slides.

Delivery – You’ve created a beautiful, well designed presentation that tells an amazing story.  All that’s left is the delivery.  In this module, we teach participants how to effectively deliver their presentation, avoiding the common “no no’s” of presenting.


Length:  1/2 Day or Full Day

Group Size: 6-35

Target Audience:  Academics, scientists in industry, scientific teams and students in graduate science programme

Additional Reading & Resources:  “Your Guide to Giving Engaging Presentations”, “20 Tips for Delivering Successful Technical Presentations”, “Structuring a Winning Presentation”, “10-Minute Presentation Planner”, “10 Common Presentation Mistakes”, “Handling Difficult Questions… Made Easy”


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