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PhD Cohort Programme

UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology (UKCMSB)

Course Description

Skillfluence delivers a programme of eight workshops that are offered to each cohort of students over the course of their PhD. The training complements the standard University of Edinburgh offering providing an enhanced range of training designed specifically for PhD students in the field of synthetic biology. The sessions are responsive to scheduled events and opportunities so students can attend training to learn new skills prior to an event or opportunity and then have a chance to put their learning into practice.

PhD students at UKCSMB will have a range of career options after their studies and will likely explore diverse career pathways. The unique training programme gives students valuable insight and transferable skills needed to succeed in their careers. Each workshop is designed specifically for this group of students and is delivered by knowledgeable, experienced facilitators and guest speakers who are experts in their field.

CDT PhD researchers

Social Media for Researchers Workshop

Workshop Topics include:

  • Working with Others
  • Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Working
  • Commercial Awareness: Working with Industry
  • From Bench to Market
  • The Innovative Researcher
  • Social Media for Researchers
  • Future Leaders
  • Progression Planning for Scientists

This is a living, breathing programme filled with real-world case studies, interactive elements and an ever-present link and synergy with the other elements of the PhD programme. The structure also provides opportunities for joint teaching and slight pivots to take advantage of pertinent developments.

What participants say:

“I have a much better understanding of how to engage with people online”                                                         

 “I now realise the power and capabilities of social media and that I need to update my Linked-in profile!”  

“The case studies were really inspirational. They really communicate the issues discussed”

“I thought it was a great day. Since then our new communications manager has had a meeting of all our social media users and tried to instil some best practice!”


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