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Making it Concrete – Investing Women Angels

Business Acceleration Training for Entrepreneurs

Course Description


Investing Women Angels is a network of angel investors who are passionate about entrepreneurs.  They support entrepreneurship with investment, but also through organising opportunities for continued learning and development.  Skillfluence has been working with Investing Women over the last 12 months to design and deliver programmes designed specifically to help up skill entrepreneurs.

One of the most popular programmes has been our “Making it Concrete” programme we’ve run 3 times across Scotland for nearly 40 women entrepreneurs. This hands-on workshop walks participants through the steps of defining their business model to accelerate the growth of an investable business. The “Making it Concrete” workshop gives clarity to ideas.  Entrepreneurs create a tangible, visual document that maps their business model in a single page. This is a chance for participants to look at their business in depth, with fresh eyes, pulling out key features such as customers, costs and revenues and what makes their company stand out from the crowd. Business owners consider how to work out what your customers really want, how to gain buy-in and identify the riskiest parts of your business.

In addition to learning from real world case studies, participants benefit from individual advice and support on questions specific to their business ideas from expert advisers and finish with an actionable plan.

Topics covered:

  • Lean Startup Approach
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Risks and Assumptions
  • Customer Discovery
  • The Mom Test
  • Challenge and Actions

The series of “Making it Concrete” workshops has been a huge success and we’re continuing to work closely with Investing Women to expose more entrepreneurs to this programme, as well as introducing new skills development programmes for ambitious entrepreneurs.



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