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Leadership Skills

Course Description

Designed to provided current and future leaders of all levels with strategies for the effective leadership of teams in scientific and academic environments.  Our goal is to inspire and develop collaborative, creative leaders who thrive in a multidisciplinary environment.

You will learn how to lead under pressure, champion change, build strong cohesive teams, develop personal leadership skills and strategic vision. Participants will explore how leadership styles affect research, education, and the learning process and define and use techniques and approaches for handling interpersonal dynamics creatively.

Our tailored programme explores the application of situational leadership concepts to a variety of leadership challenges and covers a range of techniques to address issues commonly arising within research groups. Through dynamic lectures, self-assessment instruments, case studies, and small group discussions, you will take your leadership to the next level.

Future Leaders Programme
Skillfluence Future Leaders Programme is aimed squarely at developing the leadership skills of early career scientists and researchers. Aspiring leaders will have the chance to develop their unique leadership style for maximum impact focussing on specific leadership and management challenges that arise in a variety of scientific contexts. Young scientists will gain experience in making tough management decisions, using relevant case studies.

Participants will learn about what it takes to lead, covering topics including: teams and interpersonal dynamics, creativity, strategic vision, mentoring and collaboration.  There’s also a strong focus on the importance of clear expectations and specific, constructive feedback in keeping team members motivated and productive. Skills are developed through seminars and reading, reflective practice, group work and interactive exercises.

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