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The Building Blocks of Business

Explore the key elements of business to become a more commercially savvy researcher

Course Description

Whatever your scientific sector this course will give you a working knowledge of the critical elements of business issues.  This is the base knowledge required of any commercially focused professionally. Participants will consider key issues and associated terminology in the areas of financial performance, organisational values, competition, sales & marketing, innovation & product development, strategy, key stakeholders and common business challenges. Participants will be able to apply their learning to more effectively understand how businesses operate and how to add the most value for the organisation.

Core Modules:

  • Strategy – There are many different types of business strategies.  In this module, you’ll explore several common strategies and the possible implications of each strategy.
  • Financial Performance – In this module, participants will learn about key financial metrics and drives that are important to most businesses. If you intend to work with industry it’s critical to be able to speak intelligently about the key financial elements of a business.
  • Organisational Structures –  There are a range of different organisational structures for businesses.  In this module we will explore the most common types of business structures and the different roles played by the different units or divisions.
  • Sales & Marketing – In this module, participants learn about the key elements of sales and marketing.  Sales are the lifeblood of any business.  Understanding the basics of sales and marketing is provides a useful foundation.
  • Supply Chain Dynamics – The supply chain describes how a product or service moves from raw material to the end user (customer).  Every business has a supply chain.  Understanding how supply chains work will allow you to better understand how you or your organisation can add value to the company.

Length:  .5 day or 1 Day

Group Size: 6 – 35

Target Audience:  Early Career Researchers

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