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Commercial Awareness

Course Description

Whatever your scientific sector this course will give you a working knowledge of the critical business issues that impacts the role of a commercially focused professional. You’ll explore what companies need to do to be profitable, be successful, and serve their customers well. Participants will consider organisational core values, biggest competitors, key stakeholders and current business challenges. Participants will be able to apply their learning to understand how organisations operate at a strategic level and how external influences affect an organisation’s progress.

The course will cover

  • Current and future trends – locally and globally
  • Understanding organisations
  • The market – customers and competitors
  • Organisational profit, success and Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Resources and suppliers
  • Identifying business opportunities and strategic agility
  • Roles within a business
  • Keeping up to date

The course uses a balance of practical theory, activities, scenarios and anecdotes that apply to real world settings. We use case studies to help participants understand critical issues and improve their ability to spot business opportunities.  Participants will learn how to prioritise and make successful decisions based on a strong commercial business case.



Course Info