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The Science of Creativity: Applied

Learn how to apply a set of proven creative problem-solving tools, techniques and methods.

Course Description

Like any other skill, creativity can be learned and practiced.  In this course we provide participants with a powerful creativity toolkit that will enable them to create unique solutions to any problem they face, and in doing so, participants will increase their creative confidence.  The programme is specifically designed for those with a more analytical and logical mindset, providing a logical, process driven approach to creative problem solving.  The skills learned can be used to identify new research directions, create commercial opportunities or generate ideas for process improvements to name just a few possible applications.

Core Modules:

  • The Laws of Idea Generation – There are a set of proven principles in relation to idea generation. Regardless of the specific approach you take, understanding and applying these principles immediately makes participants more creative.
  • Tools & Techniques –  There are a wide range of tools and techniques for creating ideas.  In this module we teach participants 10 specific techniques for generating a large volume of quality ideas.
  • Facilitating an Idea Generation Session – In this module, participants will learn a fool-proof approach for facilitating a successful “brainstorming” session that will generate a large volume of high quality ideas for just about anything.
  • Overcoming Fear – Fear hinders creativity and innovation.  In this module we explore the sources of fear and provide specific methods for overcoming fear both in the idea generation phase and when deciding if/how to move forward with ideas.
  • Making it Real – Ideas are great, but they are of little value unless we’re able to turn them into something real.  In this module we provide participants with a simple framework for taking the first step in turning ideas into reality.

Length:  .5 day or 1 Day

Group Size: 6 – 35

Target Audience:  Early Career Researchers

Course Info