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The Collaborative Researcher

Learn the skills needed to excel in collaborative research projects.

Course Description

Project success is often linked to the ability of cross-functional, cross-organisational and multi-disciplinary teams to cohesively work together towards a common goal.  This workshop helps participants understand the value and nature of collaborative working.  It teaches participants tools and techniques to support effective teamwork when working together on complex projects. Participants learn how to leverage differences in experience, knowledge, skills and problem-solving approaches to create successful outcomes.

Core Modules:

  • Communication – The key to any effective collaboration is effective communication.  We’ll explore communication strategies that are especially useful to apply in collaborative settings.
  • Vision Setting – For collaborative projects, it’s critical that everyone has a shared vision of success.  Participants will learn how to craft and communicate compelling and clear vision statements for projects.
  • Determining Roles –  For any collaboration to work, it’s critical to have clearly defined roles.  In this module participants will learn and apply a process for determining roles based on the key project tasks and functions.
  • Leveraging Diversity – Diversity in a project is both a strength and a challenge. In this module we teach participants how to effectively leverage, and work with, the wide-ranging experiences, knowledge, skills, perspectives and personalities found in collaborative projects.
  • Group Problem Solving & Decision Making – Working as a group to solve problems and make decisions presents a unique set of challenges.  In this module participants learn proven techniques and methods for reaching consensus within a group.

Length:  .5 Day or 1 Day

Group Size: 6 – 35

Target Audience:  Early Career Researchers


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