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Bench to Market

Course Description

How do university researchers start companies?  This introductory course is aimed at scientists interested in exploring business start-up, spin out and commercialisation.  The programme is geared to inspire and excite participants to recognise and capitalise on entrepreneurial opportunity, learn the key tools and steps to build a successful start-up and find out more about business processes, resources and structures.  We look at apporaches to entrepreneurship, the key stages of moving from bench to market and the different pathways to commercialisation. Interactive discussion and debate is a valuable part of the course and we will focus on relevant, practical applications.

What the course will cover/learning outcomes:

  • How to turn a good idea into a business:  opportunities and challenges.
  • Overview of the business landscape.
  • Business Models:  4  common pathways to commercialisation.
  • From scientist to entrepreneurs:  approaches to entrepreneurship
  • IP, Legal issues and patents
  • Pitching for investmement
  • Leveraging the ecosystem:  Financial business and professional support.

Course Delivery: 

This is a turbocharged exploration of the strategies and considerations required to take a scientific idea to market.  The programme is information rich and delivered using a range of case studies, anecdotes, activites and input from subject matter experts.  Learn how businesses are started through seminars, interactive discussion and working in small groups and find out about the extensive support available for next steps.

Course Info