Bespoke programmes designed to spark creativity and lead to transformative research.

Creativity@home is an EPSRC funded initiative designed to nurture creative thinking at the institutional level within the UK.  Funding is available to universities with EPSRC programme grants for meetings, workshops, training or retreats that are designed to spark creativity, promote collaboration, strengthen relationships and lead to transformative research. 

Creativity@Home Project Examples

Creativity@home funding and programmes can be used in a wide variety of ways.   Every programme is customised to meet the specific needs and objectives of the EPSRC funded project.  Below are a few examples of how Creativity@home projects have been used in the past.

Imperial College London 


 The team used a one-day facilitated workshop to Identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the research by working together to identify opportunities and potential challenges before they arose.  They crystalised methods for running more effective team meetings.  Finally, they were able to improve the efficiency of the project by ensuring everyone to a pro-active role in maintaining project momentum. 

University of Glasgow


The team of researchers held a 3-day workshop to explore the plan to use cheap and configurable robotics to explore the digitisation of chemical reactions in chemistry.  The programme combined a workshop on 3D printing with practical creativity exercises.  The programme led to a patent application as well as the birth of a new specialist network for researchers involved in material fabrication. 

University of Edinburgh

Routes to commercialisation

The CDT in Robotics and Autonomous Systems used creativity@home to learn and apply a collection of proven creative thinking and ideation tools to create possible solutions to real world challenges in robotics.  The team then appplied the Lean Canvas methodology to outline potential routes to commercialisation.  Finally, the team applied a frame for presenting complex technical ideas to non-technical audiences.    

University of Manchester

strategic thinking

 The research group used Creativity@home to identify future strategic development of the programme.  They organised a series of strategic workshops with academic and industrial partners; learned facilitation techniques so they could run workshops independently; undertook a 24-hour team building event for the management team; and reviewed collaborative software solutions to improve collaboration within the project moving forward. . 

You can learn more about these, and other past Creativity@home projects at the EPSRC website.

The Process

While every project is unique, we apply a similar process to ensure you and your team get maximum benefit from your project: 

1. Objective Setting:  It's critical to clearly define the objective of the project.  This is the most important factor in running a successful creativity@home project.  We work with the project lead to agree and clearly articulate an appropriate objective. 

2. Project Planning & Design:  Once we've clearly defined the objective, we get to work planning and designing your programme.  This likely involves developing a custom experience and supporting materials designed specifically to help the team achieve its objective.  

3. The Event: Our experienced facilitators will lead your team through the process.  This is typically a 1-3 day training/workshop/retreat depending on the agreed approach. The structure and content of the event is customised to delver the specific objectives and outputs. 

4. The Output:  Our programmes are designed to deliver tangible outputs.  Whether it's an action plan, a collection of ideas or a research roadmap, you can expect a specific deliverable against the agree objective.

Our Clients & Partners: 

Edinburgh Centre for Robotics - SynthSys - Agri For Valor - Edinburgh Innovations - Kings College London - Entrepreneurial Spark - Imperial College London - University of Edinburgh - University of Strathclyde - Scottish Universities Life Science Association - University of Glasgow - Young European Biotechnology Network - Makerere University - University of York - Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre - University of Bristol - European Federation of Biotechnology - University of Stirling - IBioIC - University of Manchester - BioVale - SynbiCite

The Skillfluence Approach

The Skillfluence team is dedicated to delivering high impact training and workshops that make a real difference to the way scientists work and communicate.  Here's what you can expect from our programmes:

  • Hands-on, experiential  and interactive
  • Inspiring, motivating and innovative
  • Customised for individual groups and settings
  • Practical, applicable tools and techniques
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic trainers
  • Action planning for goal setting and next steps
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