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Facilitated Programmes to Spark Creativity, Strengthen Teamwork and Support Transformative Research
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Creativity@home facilitation

Bespoke programmes designed to spark creativity and lead to transformative research. 

Creativity@home is an EPSRC funded initiative designed to nurture creative thinking at the institutional level within the UK.  Funding is available to universities with EPSRC progrrammme grants for meetings, workshops, training or retreats that are designed to spark creativity, promote collaboration, strengthen relationships and lead to transformative research. 

Creativity@home funding and programmes can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Every programme is customised to meet the specific needs and objectives of the EPSRC funded project.  Creativity@home projects have been used to: 

  • Develop and implement strategies to enhance project efficiency. 
  • Learn and apply creative problem solving methods to develop breakthrough new solutions. 
  • Explore possible routes to commercialisation for project outcomes.
  • Learn facilitation techniques allowing participants to independently run future workshops. 
  • Identify collaborative projects with industry partners.
  • Run off-site team building activities to strengthen teamwork amongst the research group.

You can read specific Creativity@home project case studies at the EPSRC Website

The Skillfluence Process: 

While every project is unique, we apply a similar process to ensure you and your team get maximum benefit from you project:

Step 1:  Objective Setting – It’s critical to clearly define the objective of the project.  This is the most imporatn factor in running a successful Creativity@home project. We work with the project lead(s) to agree and clearly articulate an appropriate objective. 

Step 2:  Project Planning & Design – Once we’ve clearly defined the objective, we get to work planning and designing your programme.  This involves developing a custom experience and supporting materials deigned specifically to help the team achieve its objectives.  We leverage our team’s collective 100+ years experience in workshop design and facilitation to create an effective and engaging approach.   

Step 3: The Event – Our experienced facilitators will lead your team through the process.  This is typically a 1-3 day training/workshop/retreat depending on the agreed approach.  The structure and content of the event is customised to deliver the specific objectives and outputs agreed during the planning phase. 

Step 4: The Output – Our pogrammes are designed to deliver tangible outputs.  Whether it’s a strategic action plan, a collection of ideas or a research road map, you can expect a specific deliverable against the agreed objective.  

The Skillfluence Process: 

We’re dedicated to delivering high impact programmes that make a real difference in the way scientists work and communicate.  Participants can expect a programme that is: 

  • Hands-on, experiential and interactive.
    creativity@home toolkit

    Creative Thinking Tools & Techniques

  • Inspiring, motivating and innovative.
  • Customised for the specific group and setting. 
  • Filled with practical, applicable tools and techniques. 
  • Leverages relevant and current real-life examples. 
  • Delivered by knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic trainers. 
  • Goal-oriented, often including the creation of specific action plans. 

If you’re thinking about running a Creativity@home project and you’d like to learn more about how Skillfluence can help, please send us an e-mail at info@skillfluence.co.uk to get the process started.