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Connecting with Industry

This interactive on-line programme equips PhD students with the tools, skills and confidence required to work more effectively with industry. It provides PhDs with a working knowledge of key business issues that impact commercial organisations, exposes them to career routes in industry and outlines what it takes to access the jobs they want. The programme has been developed in consultation with Researcher Development Managers, CDT coordinators and other project leads from over 15 UK universities combined with in-depth surveying of more than 350 PhD students.


The curriculum is organised into 6 modules, typically run on weekly cycles over 6 weeks. Each module includes self-study elements, a virtual workshop and application activities. Below is an overiew of the modules.

Exploring Opportunities in Industry

Learn what it takes to successfully transition to a career in industry. Consider a range of career paths based on your skills values and interests; learn what it’s like to work in industry and understand more fully what it takes to get your “dream job”.

Discovering Where You Add Value in Industry

Explore challenges, problems and opportunities facing a specific industry. Work to connect-the-dots between these issues and your researchs, skills and interests, helping you discocver opportunities for how you can add value in industry. 

Speaking the Language of Business

Learn key business frameworks and terminology, enabling you to more effectively speak “the language of business”. This will help you engage more confidently with business, translating your research and academic experience in a way that is relevant to business. 

Communicating your Value to Industry

Learn how to develop clear and impactful communication that articulates to business and industry how you can add value. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and motivated to pro-actively engage with industry and businesses.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert to Industry

You’re provided with a roadmap for how to become recognised by industry as an “expert”. Learn to take a strategic approach to presenting yourself to industry and identify specific actions to establish expert status in the mind of industry.

Building Meaningful Relationships with Industry

Apply a framework for thinking strategically about growing and nurturing professional relationships. Consider your goals and develop a plan to pro-actively develop relationships in a way that helps you deliver greater impact.


Connecting with Industry combines multiple skills development formats, creating a rich, varied and engaging programme.  The course is hosted on our e-learning platform where you can access course content and downloadable resources.

Self-Study Lessons

Multimedia content covering key concepts, frameworks and principles. This includes video lessons, audio recordings and readings. Learners are encouraged to review materials prior to the workshop and can access anytime during the programme.

Virtual Workshops

Interactive zoom-based workshops that help learners activate the tools/skills with their peers. We apply a range of tools to support group work and collaboration, including online breakout rooms, virtual whiteboards and a digital collaborative spaces.

Application & Feedback

Each module includes at least 1 application activity which encourages the learner to apply the principles to their situation. Some of the activities are submitted for review by the trainer, who provides personalised feedback.   

Conversations with Industry

The programme includes a collection of interactive group discussions with professionals who have experience working in/with industry. The “Conversations” provide context, inspiration and real-world stories that help bring key learnings to life.  The “Conversations’ give you the opportunity to expand your network and build relationships with industry. It’s not uncommon for these conversations to lead to opportunities beyond the programme, such as placement opportunities, joint research projects and/or employment. The covenversations are 45 minutes sessions added to the end of the virtual workshop.


Skillfluence is a specialist training and skills development company who focuses on helping the academic audience develop the skills and confidence to work more effectively in, and/or with, industry.  We identify best-in-class tools and processes and package them into programmes that meet the unique needs of the academic audience. During the last 4 years we have worked with more 35 top UK Universities and trained over than 3000 PhD students and career researchers.

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