tailored training programmes for CDT's 

   Innovative & Inspiring Training Programmes for PhD Students 

"We build & deliver training & development programmes that equip scientists and researchers with essential soft skills.  These skills, combined with strong technical and research skills, empower them to reach the highest level of success, achievement and professional fulfillment." - Alison Gray, CEO & Founder, Skillfluence Ltd.  

Core Competencies

We specialise in soft skills training & development for researchers and scientists.  Our focus is on programming that complements existing skills development programmes offered by the university.  We seek out best-in-class tools, techniques and methods and tailor the structure, content and delivery to fit the unique needs of PhD students.

Social Media

for Researchers

A Tool to be mastered

 Researchers learn how to make the most of the opportunities offered by social media. They learn how to leverage social media as a research tool; how to raise their profile using social media and how to effectively grow and nurture their network across multiple social media platforms.  

Progression Planning

for Scientists

take control of your career

Researchers learn how to take a pro-active and purposeful approach to career progression.  They learn to spot opportunities in the labour market, create a personal development plan and how to navigate application and interview processes equipped with a strong CV and excellent interview skills

The Innovative


Tools, Methods & Mindset

Researchers explore the creative process. They learn proven tools, methods and techniques to inject more creativity into any project.  Participants learn how to generate a large volume of high quality ideas, transform seed ideas into robust concepts and apply design thinking in science.

From Bench 

to Market

pathways to commercialisation

Researchers explore a set of topics critical to anyone involved in commercialising technology.  They learn 4 common pathways to commercialisation; practice a framework for pitching for investment; review  key legal issues and get an overview of how to navigate the startup ecosystem.   



succeeding as a leader

This dynamic and practical leadership programme teaches researchers how to lead under pressure, how to build cohesive teams, how to get the best out of people, and how to pro-actively develop personal leadership skills.  The module combines dynamic seminars, self-assessments and leadership scenarios.


with Industry

Creating opportunities

Researchers learn how to effectively engage with industry, leading to mutually beneficial relationships.  They learn to understand key industry drivers and how to explain their research in a way that is relevant to industry.  Researchers learn how to add value for industry partners by spotting compelling opportunities.

Team Science: 


Multidisciplinary working

Researchers learn how to apply tools and techniques that  support and promote effective collaboration.  They learn to recognise the value of other disciplines, how to establish multidisciplinary teams and  how to apply effective group decision-making techniques in collaborative projects. 

Play Nice 

Work Smart

strong working relationships

Researchers learn how to nurture strong, effective working relationships. They practice influencing strategies and active networking skills. They learn when to talk, when to listen and when to ask questions; how to give and receive feedback and how to handle disagreements.   


Research & Innovation

socially Driven research

Researchers learn to anticipate and assess potential impacts and societal expectations of their work. They learn the importance of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation design, which helps to expand the impact of their research by more effectively engaging with stakeholders.

Aligned with EPSRC Criteria

We're successful when you're successful. That's why we've designed our approach to deliver against key drivers and criteria set forth by EPSRC and other funding bodies. Specifically our approach: 

Amplifies the cohort effect 

Emphasises user engagement 

Delivers "Pathways to Impact" 

Reaches non PhD Participants

Broadens experience for PhD students

Delivers tangible impact

Addresses responsible research and innovation

Skillfluence can offer significant "in kind" support to help underpin CDT bids.

Our Clients & Partners: 

Edinburgh Centre for Robotics - SynthSys - Agri For Valor - Edinburgh Innovations - Kings College London - Entrepreneurial Spark - Imperial College London - University of Edinburgh - University of Strathclyde - Scottish Universities Life Science Association - University of Glasgow - Young European Biotechnology Network - Makerere University - University of York - Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre - University of Bristol - European Federation of Biotechnology - University of Stirling - IBioIC - University of Manchester - BioVale - SynbiCite

The Skillfluence Approach

The Skillfluence team is dedicated to delivering high impact training that makes a real difference to the way scientists work and communicate.  Here's what you can expect from our programmes:

  • Hands-on, experiential  and interactive
  • Inspiring, motivating and innovative
  • Customised for individual groups and settings
  • Practical, applicable tools and techniques
  • Relevant and current real life examples
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic trainers
  • Action planning for goal setting and next steps

These sessions were the most valuable investment of time I've made! I've already profited from adopting the strategies I learned on the day "

      Return on Investment

Skillfluence programmes deliver tangible returns

as part of  CDT's: 

  • Filling the gap in provision of training for transferable skills
  • Equipping graduates with the skills to succeed in careers beyond their academic research
  • Accelerating learning and consolidating the likelihood of long term success
  • Innovative approaches to the delivery of transferable skills 
  • Evidence of impact from participant feedback and evaluation

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