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Report on Business Skills & Soft Skills requirements in Synthetic Biology

Professional Development in Synthetic Biology
6 Apr 2016

Essential Reading on Business Skills & Soft Skills in Synthetic Biology

Strategy & Innovation

Strategy & Innovation

Skillfluence is a professional development training company with a particular focus on designing and delivering workshops for scientists, engineers and technical specialists. Operating in this space it is vitally important to understand what is going on; what skills are needed, what are the skills gaps and what are the challenges in finding suitable training. Synthetic biology is a key global growth sector that has roots in all areas of our customer base and a distinct community with shared values that match our own. We wanted to find out more about what skills are valued currently and the likely direction of travel for future skill requirements.

A better understanding of the key skills required in synthetic biology will enhances the community’s position to harness the potential for commercial growth. The results of this research will bring greater focus to our collective efforts and provide an evidence base for future training activity. It will draw our attention to address areas where we should build capacity to respond to the demands of current and future business, entrepreneurs and students. The data suggests significant interest and understanding of the need for professional development in synthetic biology and provides insight into the vital skills required within this field.
Skillfluence Synthetic Biology Business Skills & Soft Skills Report