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What We Do

Our mission is to do our part to advance scientific discovery and the commercialisation of research. We do this by creating and delivering training and development programmes that equip scientists and researchers with essential soft skills, empowering them to reach the highest levels of success, achievement and professional fulfillment.

Who We Work With

We develop and deliver programmes for universities, research centres, innovation centres, business accelerators and EPSRC Project Leads.  Programme participants often include PhD students, post doctoral researchers, master students, early career researchers, graduate interns, entrepreneurs and researchers and scientists working in industry. 

Our Approach

We design & deliver soft skills training and development programmes for scientists and researchers. We identify best in class tools and methods and tailor them to meet the unique needs of scientists and researchers. We then incorporate sector-specific elements, resulting in programmes perfectly suited for the scientific community. 


Skillfluence offers a range of courses that can be delivered individually as single day workshops or combined to create multi-day learning and development programmes.

The Science of Creativity: Applied

Like any other skill, creativity can be learned and practiced.  In this course we provide participants with a powerful creativity...
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The Collaborative Researcher

Project success is often linked to the ability of cross-functional, cross-organisational and multi-disciplinary teams to cohesively work together towards a...
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The Building Blocks of Business

Whatever your scientific sector this course will give you a working knowledge of the critical elements of business issues.  This...
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Problem Solving for Scientists

Participants learn a range of effective problem-solving tools and models that empower them to become prolific problem solvers.  Participants will...
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Presentation Skills for Researchers & Scientists

Presenting information rich material in an engaging way is a valuable skill for researchers and scientists. In this course we...
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Pathways to Commercialisation

How do university researchers start companies?  This introductory course is aimed at scientists interested in exploring business start-up, spin out...
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Leading Brilliance to Breakthrough

This programme is designed to help current and future leaders develop their leadership skills, specifically related to leading teams in...
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Good Relationships, Great Results

Participants learn how to build strong relationships by applying effective and purposeful communication skills. They learn how to ensure mutual...
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Decoding the Art of Networking

“Skill is fine, and genius is splendid, but the right contacts are more valuable than either.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...
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Bespoke Learning & Development Programmes for Scientists & Researchers

Centres for Doctoral Training

Skillfluence works with CDT programme leads to build researcher development programmes that enhance the student experience by giving them leadership and transferable skills that align with Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework. We design and deliver programmes which include training and peer to peer learning, customised specifically for the CDT and area of research. Learn more about our work with CDTs.

PhD Cohort Programmes

Skillfluence develops extended training and development programmes that complement standard PhD programmes.  These programmes typically consist of up to 10 custom designed workshops and training days. Past programmes have included topics such as Working with Others, Working with Industry, From Bench to Market, Social Media for Researchers and Future Leaders to name just a few. 

Creativity @Home

Creativity@home is an EPSRC funded initiative designed to help scientists and researchers infuse more creativity into their research. It’s a bespoke multi-day facilitated process that leverages the academic group as the key resource. Facilitators work with the group throughout the initiative, focusing on the process, so the group can think freely about the challenge. The specific objectives are determined by the group. Read more…

Business Acceleration

Programmes to Accelerate the Growth of Science & Technology Based Startups and Spinouts

Innovation Camps

Innovation camps are high-impact, week-long residential programmes designed to support early stage entrepreneurs in a specific industry or sector. They are typically designed in partnership with a regional development agency or innovation centre. The camps include a wide range of practical workshops, speakers and experiences covering topics such as: Lean Startup, Value Proposition, Leadership, Intellectual Property and Creativity & Innovation as well as 1-2-1 mentoring.   Most recently we ran an Innovation Camp for a group of 18 innovative companies from across Europe, all active in the Bio-economy.


In this high impact one-day workshop participants will clearly define their business model, positioning it for growth and investment. Participants gain clarity about their idea, creating a single-page visual map of the business model. Participants have the opportunity to explore their business or idea in depth, defining critical features such as customers, costs, revenues, unique selling points and the key risk factors associated with the opportunity.  Throughout the day participants learn from case studies as well as receiving advice and support specific to their business from experienced trainers, advisors and entrepreneurs. 

Lean Launchpad

The programme helps budding entrepreneurs put their ideas into action. The 10-week programme provides hands-on learning on what it’s like to start a company. The structured approach helps start-ups reduce the uncertainty of commercializing innovations and creating new ventures.  We leverage “Lean Launchpad” and “Business Model Generation” methodologies, which are taught at Imperial College, MIT, Stanford and Berkeley.  Our approach is project-based and challenges participants to set up a new company, build and test their business model and present their business on the final day. 


Designing and Developing Custom Courses, Content and Materials to be Delivered by Your Organization

Skillfluence are experts in learning and development course design and content development.  While we love delivering programmes, we often get asked to develop courses designed specifically to be delivered by other trainers or teachers.  Our team has developed “train the trainer” programmes, e-learning courses and full course curriculums. We have a team of training development experts, as well as a expansive network of specialists, allowing us to develop top notch training courses and materials.

EPSRC's Creativity@home

Find out more about our bespoke creativty@home workshops and facilitated ideas labs

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